A Demon Lord’s Tale: Dungeons, Monster Girls, and Heartwarming Bliss (魔王になったので、ダンジョン造って人外娘とほのぼのする (旧題:自由に暮らしたい魔王黙示録) ) Web Novel Review

A Demon Lord’s Tale: Dungeons, Monster Girls, and Heartwarming Blis

Web Novel Details:

Novel Title: A Demon Lord’s Tale: Dungeons, Monster Girls, and Heartwarming Bliss
Associated Names: I Became the Demon Lord so I Created a Dungeon and Spend Heartwarming Time There with Non-Human Girls, 魔王になったので、ダンジョン造って人外娘とほのぼのする (旧題:自由に暮らしたい魔王黙示録)
Type: Web Novel
Language: Japanese 
Translated Language: English             
Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Harem, Romance, Slice of Life
Year: 2016
Translated Chapters So Far: 203/350 Chapters  (On-Going)


One day, He woke up only to find out that He’d become a Demon Lord, an individual responsible for protecting a dungeon. The world He’d been spirited away to was one filled with violence. Gigantic monsters wandered through it and competed with each other each and every day for the right to survive. He had no choice but to strengthen His dungeon’s defenses in hopes of living another day—or at least that was what He’d thought. For some odd reason, He instead ended up spending my days in relaxation and bliss.

This is Yuki’s story, He story. It tells the tale of how He spent His days after settling down in a dungeon with a self-indulgent, “supreme” dragon girl and a young vampire.


A Demon Lord’s Tale: Dungeons, Monster Girls, and Heartwarming Bliss

Since I stopped reading a while ago since I had read the last one (raw) at the time I do not remember very well, but, I do not really remember that the MC was so rude to all the other characters, that the level of intelligence was so low or that in general, the interactions between characters were so lack of emotion.

I guess I'll stick to the original version and forget what I've read.

Here we see that the voting should not be allowed to novels that don't have a defined minimum of chapters (unless they are short) or force comments to those who vote and avoid bad votes because of prejudice, I will not take into account the translation since I read it in its original language, so.

You must read it!!... you don't need to thank me.

5 stars - For not being boring (as an agent who wants to be a teacher in another world).
5 stars - For true comedy (not like that with a perverted high schooler with a red glove and his oppai here oppai there).
5 stars - For the interaction MC - heroines (and that's it, you should have enough with this, compared with other novels that are better voted).
5 stars - Because I want a dragon Waifu (and caress her little horns and wings, don't forget the wings).
5 stars - For being sweeter than child-raising novels (that have no emotions in a world without cuisine). 
5 stars - For never focusing on food (like mayonnaise and mayonnaise, wait, also add soy and...).
5 stars - For being a well-executed cliché (although all the novels have clichés to some degree or another).
5 stars - Because the dragon Waifu deserves it. (no dragon Waifu no life) 
5 stars - Because the harem is not a joke (it takes time, as well as the plants you have in your room because you are alone in this life...) 
5 stars - Because I feel the love (that she never gave me...).
5 stars - Because this web doesn't accept anymore.

Bad jokes aside, the strength of this novel is the interaction between the main characters, I still think how I read more than 100 chapters without getting bored in one day, maybe the weak point (if it can be considered in that way, in a novel in which development is like a slice of life) is the variety of characters (as well as male characters) and the long development (which seems to be introducing more and more), even so, does not tire, like having a teenager with a smartphone with a pseudo loli harem, and the romance is not superficial and forced, as in that of a programmer who only wants the high elf or the pseudo-political romance of the eighth child of a low-ranking noble.

Even so, what many forget is about the dragon Waifu!!, how dare they, even if Kira forgives them, just remember those meromero (メロメロ) scenes, break my heart like a piñata.


This is the real stuff. Amazing character dynamics, some people might not like the incessant swearing but I think that it suits the demon lord narrator very well.

Diabetes, the family edition:
The dungeon members are like one big family and it will heal you. My favorite sol. Translation by the cardboard is grammatically impeccable and funny in itself. Just read it. It's worth it.


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