Worlds’ Apocalypse Online (诸界末日在线) Web Novel Review

Web Novel Details:

Novel Title : Worlds’ Apocalypse Online
Associated Names : 诸界末日在线, All-Heaven Armageddon Online, World Apocalypse Online
Type : Web Novel
Language : Chinese
Translated Language : English             
Genre : Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Harem, Martial Arts, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Supernatural, Xuanhuan 
Year : 2017
Translated Chapters So Far : 542/1792 Chapters  (Completed)


He was one among the last survivors of apocalypse in his world which was directed by an unprecedented game-like system. Against all odds, he powered up to the height of his world, but sadly, it had been still not enough for him to survive. His enemy was demons, many powerful demons. Their power was out of his world. nobody could stop them from invading his world. Finally, he - alongside another survivor- had no other choice but to sacrifice themselves to kill one among the foremost powerful demon. In the end, he died.

Suddenly, he got reincarnated just months before the apocalypse began. Somehow, he could come to a different world to level up. Somehow, he got one among the foremost powerful system to assist him in speeding up his cultivation progress and helped him direct the plots that supported his memory of the past.

But, after he directed plots differently from the past. MC realized that this wasn't a normal game-like apocalypse thing. it had been not only his world that faced apocalypse and, but his enemy also wasn't as simple as demons.


This is my overall opinion on the novel, so please take it with a grain of salt:

The Positives

  • Overall, the important genre of the novel is Action and Comedy, while there are more genres mixed in, the essence of its Action and Comedy. There's getting to be an abundance of comic relief, coming from every single character, even the foremost serious ones that you simply don't really expect to understand the way to crack a joke.
  • Comedy is employed as a kind of tool to interrupt up the extent of tension that's built up through the constant high-stakes action. And it's utilized in all the right places, since I've not felt bored throughout the entire novel, regardless of if it is the jaw-biting cliff anger or the occasional mini-filler arcs that last for 1-4 chapters at a time, mostly acting as world-building (and trust me, with 1k4 worth of chapters, there is a LOT of filler arcs).
  • Different from the traditional brainless power-doping of the MC, this MC actually uses his head, a lot, like, 90% of the issues he solves he uses his head, 9% that he solved with violence, but actually couldn't be solved unless he used his head first, and a measly 1% where he just goes ham.
  • There are many lovable and memorable side characters, many of which are literally even as clever if less clever than our MC, and our MC is plenty clever, many of which manage to tug the rug under our MC without him knowing in time.

The Negatives

  • The first 200-300 chapters are widely believed to be the worst part of the novel, as this is often the author's first novel. It's crammed with misinformation, details that might later be retcon-ed, and typical Chinese novel troupes, which discourage many readers. this is often the rationale why I'm currently releasing 18 chapters every week, to undertake and leave the boring parts behind while quickly going to the great parts.
  • Our MC is nearly always the weakest person in his environment, despite the very fact that the resources he has made him appear to be a strong OP MC. So people that like OP MCs that might steamroll through everything wouldn't find what they need here.
  • Fast pace: there's nearly always something happening. The author has used techniques to prevent the pace from being too overwhelming, but if you are a reader that likes a slice-of-life plot, you will not find it here.
  • The number of fillers, despite the very fact that this novel is so fast-paced you almost never see the MC take a rest, ever, the author still managed to sneak in many filler arcs. Of course, they're resolved quite quickly (1-4 chapters) and are written in such how those folks can enjoy, and not all of them are useless filler, but the readers don't quite know that until a minimum of a dozen chapters later (sometimes hundreds). So some could be tempted to only skip fillers altogether, and miss details that might later become an important plot point.
I consider the novel to be one among the simplest within the Apocalypse genre and a masterpiece in its title, but it's its flaws and can not fit everybody. At the smallest amount, it'll be a pleasant read to binge through once there's like 400-500 chapters.


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