Everyone Else is a Returnee (나 빼고 다 귀환자) Web Novel Review

Everyone Else is a Returnee Cover
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Web Novel Details:

Novel Title : Everyone Else is a Returnee
Associated Names : 나 빼고 다 귀환자, EER
Type : Web Novel
Language : Korean
Translated Language : English             
Genre : Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Harem, Martial Arts, Romance, Supernatural
Year : 2016
Translated Chapters So Far : 353/353 Chapters  (Completed)


He had left out during the elementary school picnic.
He had left out during the middle school camp.
He had left out during the high school trip.
I finally became a college student, and what? I’m left out from all of humanity?. Seriously?.
Ignored by God, Yu IlHan spends a millennium sharpening his skills for the Great Cataclysm, watching over Earth alone while everybody else is away in other worlds.
His legend starts after humanity comes back and meets the Great Cataclysm!


Supremely Entertaining.

Readers are really missing out if they complain that the MC is too OP.

The thing is, the MC is aware of his growth, and every time he gets more powerful, it is only because things will get more difficult... and he calls this phenomenon out.

Everyone Else is a Returnee Character - Spiera
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In fact, the world is getting harder, faster, matching the MC, while actually leaving the normal people behind a little. This is the MC's struggle, to help the people struggle through this overwhelming challenge.

The biggest misconception about this novel is the seriousness. It's just a parody. The novel doesn't give itself too much credit, and even jokes with movies, games, and things like that. It looks like the only person that has some reasoning is the MC, the other people just never saw a movie or played a game, and he appoints it making comparisons and saying things like:

"Well, now that you said that is impossible for a boss to appear, a boss will definitely appear, and it will be soon!".

It's all an inside joke. Just look how he was "forgotten by god itself", and how goddamn OP he becomes. It is just an allusion to how other series are too serious about the crazy stuff the MC does.

In this novel, he just does it! And that's the fun of it. Everything is fast-paced because he is so, really, soooooo superior to everyone else, that he needs to deal with things that no one else can handle. Everyone is hunting wolves and he is killing dragons. He is the genius that geniuses cant reach.

In level? Maybe they come close, but all his abilities and equipment are just too much. And don't forget, all his accomplishments have an explaining, and the beginning explains a lot.

Think about Onepunch man, Gintama, Deadpool, and things like that. Or novels like A Will Eternal (A thought through eternity). It's quite funny, and the action and proportion things end up being really good and exciting.

And a lot of development is happening in the characters. The author seems to have prepared a lot in this novel.

(Don't think that everything is a comedy and that just jokes all around, it just looks like a crazy parody leveling up Korean novel, and is quite good.)

Recently, I've been wondering... why the Monkey/Girl's Back image for Kobato-Chan Daisuki? It just makes me giggle. It also makes me giggle that there are so many bad reviews for this series. xD

Grammar: 4/5 (Formerly 3.5/5 as of Chapter 143, marked improvement from previous chapters.)

Story: 4.7/5

Writing: 4.5/5

(Update as of Chapter 60: No change to my ratings from before. The story is growing nicely. Oh Goddess Sunbutt, please grace me with more chapters, pronto.)

(Update as of Chapter 66: Noticed a rather smooth use of the English language for most parts of the recent chapters. The only issue would have to be with translating proverbs, which has always proven to be tricky since they are culturally contextual. Overall, I would like to applaud the translation team on the extremely great work they are providing. P.S. Noticed some people calling the story inconsistent (there are indeed some inconsistencies) and the characters bland (as with almost any written work they utilize stereotypes that are entertaining). Alas, not everyone reads the story the same way. Sometimes the story just doesn't get through the same way to everyone. I pretty much blame this just on Verbal Context differences between communities/countries/cultures. Might be wrong and this is just not those peoples' cup-o-tea, but nothing can make absolutely everyone happy, not even happiness itself.)

(Update as of Chapter 70: Yup, still golden. Rereading this for the third time, and I'm really glad that the quality of the translation has improved by leaps and bounds.)

(Update as of Chapter 72: Some grammar issues reappearing, nothing major, and it's understandable seeing as the Translator was rushing to get more chapters in before taking a hiatus for College Exams. Work much appreciated, will keep the 4.5/5 for Grammar until after seeing the quality of translation available after the translators' return.)

(Update as of Chapter 76: Still my favorite series on NU. Still going strong.)

(Update as of Chapter 125: Somehow they still keep the pacing perfectly, ratings and feelings still the same as my previous assessment done for Chapter 76.)

(Update as of Chapter 138: Getting a tad bit more exciting, which means pretty damn exciting.)

(Update as of Chapter 143: While grammar is starting a slow downhill descent, the story is snowballing in all the right ways. As previously stated, this is supremely entertaining.)

(Update as of Chapter 146: Marked improvement of grammar. The story is still as exciting as ever.)

(Update as of Chapter 158: Still the same rating, a couple awkward wording instances, but nothing that detracts from the flow of the story.)

(Update as of Chapter 193: Translator had to turn off Donations because he was getting too many for extra chapter translations xD. I have to love translators who are responsible and do what they promised with said donations. So many chapters were spammed out because of donations, and the regular release schedule is quite good already.)

(Update as of Chapter 286: *Twitching on the floor in the fetal position* Moar... Need moar...)

(Update as of Chapter 294: *Twitching intensifies*)

(Update as of Chapter 296: Welp, it feels like there's no way it can get any more exciting than these past two chapters. The story should be coming to an end soon. Strangely, not sad about it like I usually would be. It feels like it's wrapping up nice and neat and will be packed away to be enjoyed all over again on a later date.)

(Update as of Chapter 328: The End is Nigh.)

(Update as of Chapter 334: Standing at the edge of a cliff, looking down into the black ocean waters crashing violently against this ground which keeps me safe, what is it that you see? More cliffs... f*ck. I hate you but love you at the same time.)

(Final Update: It was a wild and funny ride. Thank you, Author, for being so damn good, and thank you Kobatochandaisuke (TL: Chamber) for being just as awesome with your translation services. I'm going to re-read this series a few times to engrave this story into my soul. It's all done, what is there to say? It was a lot of fun, and ended in a good way.)

Another gem on a site that contains an almost infinite amount of waste. I've only now noticed a trend where Korean Novels seem to have an almost entirely different standard of quality as opposed to the generic XianXia you will find copy-pasted under another author's name.

Grammar-wise isn't anything spectacular but the mistakes made are not difficult to bear (improves after the switch from "N&C" to "Kobato-Chan"). The intermittent awkward wording/phrasing is easily negligible thanks to a superb story and story-telling form. The story itself is a very pleasant and comedic telling of a rather overdone genre given life through a fresh set of eyes (The one who got left behind). The writing is fairly well done, I praise the author and the translation group for being as consistent as possible, and using some rather comedic plays on situations.

All in all, this is very easily becoming one of my favorite series and I look forward to binge-reading this.


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