Hokage : Ryo Path (火影之远途) Web Novel Review


Hokage : Ryo Path (火影之远途) Cover

Web Novel Details

Novel Title : Hokage: Ryo’s Path
Associated Names : 火影之远途
Type : Web Novel
Language : Chinese
Translated Language : English             
Genre :  Action, Adventure, Drama Fantasy, Martial Arts, Shounen
Year : 2017
Translated Chapters So Far :  567/567 Chapters  (Completed)


Guan Ryo, a surgeon got reborn in Naruto World!!. He got his new identity as the offspring of Yamanaka Clan, his name become Ryo Yamanaka, a genius with great medic Jutsu. See how he become disciple od Tsunade Senju, how he becomes friends with Orochimaru and Jiraiya. See how he makes big changes in Naruto World and story, can he defeat his enemies?.


Let me say first that, although I am a fan of Naruto, I have never been much of a reader of fanfictions in general. After seeing the rating this novel had at the time of this review (3.3/5 and getting lower), I went in expecting this novel to be a very poorly written amateur work.

After reading up to the currently released chapters, I found out that this isn't the case at all. In fact, I'm persuaded that people who have dropped such low ratings on this novel may have done so only because it is Naruto-based fan fiction (and perhaps downvoted it out of spite?).

The story itself so far has been fairly deliberate in its progression. The author knows enough about the original Naruto story and its background / historical details to not write in any uncomfortably glaring changes. Although the MC's influence on the world is shifting some parts of the history of the world, everything that has happened so far is believable in the grand scope of the original story.
Important character relationships have been maintained and the characters from the original work have kept true to their original personalities so far.

In addition, the MC as an original character to this fanfic doesn't feel glaringly out of place in the world of Naruto. In some other fanfics, I've read (after trying this one), the new characters introduced through the fanfic sometimes have powers or abilities that don't blend well with the original canon world for various reasons (ripping space-time with bare hands, shooting energy blasts, new elemental affinity outside of the established system, etc).

Although the MC here gets an ability that is specific to himself, it isn't one that is so different relative to the other kinds of abilities from the original setting that it feels thematically disconnected. Also, the translation quality is well done. I don't find myself having to go back and reread phrases to understand what is being said. Although the original author is clearly not super-advanced and captivating in regards to their diction, the message gets across clearly enough where it doesn't distract from the story being told.

The story is worth trying out if you're a fan of the original Naruto story. Though it isn't some expertly written fiction with captivating depth, it isn't without decent qualities (at least enough for some spare time reading). And it certainly deserves better reviews in comparison to many of the other stories on this site that somehow manage to achieve a 4-star rating.


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