Return of the Net Gaming Monarch (网游之帝王归来) Web Novel Review

Return of the Net Gaming Monarch (网游之帝王归来) Cover

Hello guys, today we gonna review about 1 of the gaming basic web novels. Ya know, we will explore many-many of the exciting novel's out there. So, tighten your seatbelt, let's go!!.

Novel Title
Return of the Net Gaming Monarch
Associated Names               
Web Novel

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Action, Adventure, Martial Arts, Sci-fi
Translated Chapters So Far
612 /612  (Completed)


This is a story about two former legends in certain games, who decide to make a comeback in brand new games. What how they build their glory back, how they meet their old foe.

Return of the Net Gaming Monarch (网游之帝王归来) Cover


Don't get me wrong, I'm glad that a new group picks this up from scratch, but I'm not even sure about the translation quality right now.

Edit: as of right now the translation quality has improved and actually readable, so props to the current translator for the effort.

Edit2: nvm, still bad mostly.

Sometimes it looks like they edit it properly, sometimes it looks like they edit it to be barely readable, and then sometimes it looks like they just copy-paste straight out of machine translation.

A good story follows the basic structure, introduction, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution. Because a novel has so many chapters, there are many minor plots surrounded by a major plot which is again under an overarching story, all of which follow said structure.

However, wow. This story manages to glance over a major plot point within 10 chapters. For the reveal of MC's secret past, there has to be a sufficient rising action for the declaration to have any impact. We don't know any of the characters well enough to give any empathy towards his reveal and their surprise. It just felt lackluster. I decided to give the story 6 more chapters but it just felt like an ego-trip for the author to write this novel. It's just a plain badly written story.

Some people may enjoy a story like this, like how adele has bad singing technique but sounds nice to many people, but just because she is a good artist doesn't make her a good singer. Just because this is an enjoyable story that doesn't make it a good one.


I'd like to give it rating 3.0 (out of 5.0). If you just want to read slightly for fun, maybe you can read it, but do not hope more nice story anymore, this novel only acts as your snack *maybe.


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