Webnovel Review Sairin Yuusha no Fukushuu Hanashi (再臨勇者の復讐譚)

Webnovel Review Sairin Yuusha no Fukushuu Hanashi (再臨勇者の復讐譚) cover

Webnovel Details:

Novel Title :  Sairin Yuusha no Fukushuu Hanashi (再臨勇者の復讐譚)
Associated Names : 
  • Sairin Yuusha no Fukushuu Hanashi ~Shitsubou Shimatshita, Yuusha Yamete Moto Mao to Kumi Masu
  • 再臨勇者の復讐譚 ~失望しました、勇者やめて元魔王と組みます~
Type : Web Novel
Language : Japanese
Translated Language : English             
Genre : Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Psychological, Seinen, Tragedy
Year : 2015
Translated Chapters So Far : 73/150 Chapters  (On Going)


High school student Amatsuki Iori was summoned to a different world to fight as a brave of salvation, but whilst he was trying to save the world, he ends up being killed by the companions whom he wholeheartedly believed in.

It was then, when Iori thought that he already died, he came to his senses only to find that he was re-summoned to the same world, but in the future.

Back again as a brave to subjugate the demon king which his former self had failed to defeat previously…

Then, he noticed, that among the guys who ordered him to fight like a brave, the figure of one of his former comrades could be seen.

「……I will make you regret having betrayed me.」

A girl then appears before him as he is consumed by hatred, but not any ordinary girl – she is the former demon king who is also aiming to take revenge.

The brave man who abandoned his heroic ideals, exchanging them for a burning desire to take revenge and the former demon king who seems ready to join him in his new-found quest.


So this novel got underrated so much, I feel I have to defend it. Why are you even comparing this with Nidome (another web novel with similar feeling), sure they all about revenge but with different characters maaann. Kaito (MC/Main Character in Nidome) lets all the hate devoured him which is a good thing for a vengeance based novel, it lets you feel the joy and madness of a broken person on a quest for vengeance. 

What about this one then, Iori (MC/Main Character in Sairin Yuusha no Fukushuu Hanashi ) also got betrayed and thought he has broken, but he's not. This leads to the torturing scene a little soft but that's not wrong since he hasn't broken yet.

He just wants a sorry (also the death of his betrayal or so he thought) and more importantly he got Elfi (MC Companion's) which can become a healing factor to make the good out of him. As much as I hate to admit but this story will self destruct if it continues to force the vengeance part, I'm ok with it being the plot but put vengeance as the theme will not making this web novel going anywhere with the MC's soft personality (except if the author throws a big boom and let Elfi die when she and Iori are in the relationship, that will be a trigger for the next, maybe even madder than Kaito and vengeance can really pull out from the novel).

Personally, I highly recommend this novel, not as a vengeance base but an adventure base, don't read Nidome and come here to complain about all your guts, since Iori isn't as broken as Kaito. Give it a try but read it with the thought of this is an adventure novel, it will be a lot better.


Plot : 4/5
  • Since the MC not quite fitting for madness vengeance
Writing : 5/5
  • Good job from the translators (only when you read it fast crazy speed) 
Character: 4,5/5
  • Again Iori not fit for madness but Elfi is the best waifu for ya. lol.
Theme: 1/5
  • Honestly, it's the wrong choice when forced vengeance as the theme
Originality: 4/5
  • Have similarities with Nidome but different in many things
Potential: 5/5
  • This can become 1 of the best adventure/romance novels or a very forced vengeance one's ever


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