Clearing an Isekai with the Zero-Believers Goddess – The Weakest Mage Among the Classmates (信者ゼロの女神サマと始める異世界攻略 – クラスメイト最弱の魔法使い) Web Novel Review

Clearing an Isekai with the Zero-Believers Goddess – The Weakest Mage Among the Classmates (信者ゼロの女神サマと始める異世界攻略 – クラスメイト最弱の魔法使い) Cover
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Web Novel Details

Novel Title : Clearing an Isekai with the Zero-Believers Goddess – The Weakest Mage among the Classmates
Associated Names : 信者ゼロの女神サマと始める異世界攻略 – クラスメイト最弱の魔法使い, CIZBG, Shinja Zero no Megami-sama to Hajimeru Isekai Kouryaku ~Classmate Saijaku no Mahou Tsukai~, Weakest Mage
Type : Web Novel
Language : Japanese
Translated Language : English             
Genre : Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Harem, Shounen 
Year : 2018
Translated Chapters So Far : 250/144 Chapters  (On-Going)


“Your stats are lower than that of your average person.”

The weakest by a mile among the otherworldly of class 1-A, Takatsuki Makoto.

The Heroes and Sages who had cheat skills in his class had gone off, and the base set lifespan is 10 years?

I am a Mage Apprentice?

The Great Demon Lord is going to revive soon?

Isn’t the balance way too bad? This damn Isekai is a tr*sh game!

“Want to be my believer?”, the Goddess that told me this has zero believers!

Aah, this is bad…I don’t think I can clear this. The Goddess with zero believers is an incredible beauty, and she is telling me she is imprisoned somewhere and is waiting to be saved. My last and hardest mission is to save the Goddess.

Clearing this Isekai that only has adversities, the story of the weakest mage.


Okay, I will admit I checked this out because of the high ratings and you know, man, I was surprised. No, it wasn't because the story was brilliantly original, no this story takes a bunch of tropes and somehow manages to tell a compelling story. And most of all I really like is the MC. Again, in the beginning, he's like a typical game otaku but as we slowly get to see more of him, his character and personality become more fleshed out. He is entirely the reason why I like this novel so much.

Clearing an Isekai with the Zero-Believers Goddess – The Weakest Mage Among the Classmates (信者ゼロの女神サマと始める異世界攻略 – クラスメイト最弱の魔法使い) Cover
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Now let me address some of the concerns/problems the other reviewers have made. (Also I came across one that was extremely judgemental. He came to read a novel expecting something and when he didn't get what he wanted, he just left a review criticizing everything. Like what is that? Every novel I read, I don't get blinded by the tags. I read to see what the author has in store for us and prepare to give him a chance).

Yes. This novel has a harem. For some, this is a big turn-off and the opposite for others. I am indifferent to it, as long as the relationships were done well. And indeed, I like all of the characters. They have a unique flavor to them lol. Also, this has a dense MC and it might frustrate you a little but the author uses it for a lot of small funny scenes. But don't worry as this isn't focused on romance lol. It works itself out. Can't say more otherwise it will become a spoiler.
Another point to make is - the isekai world has a level and class system like your typical game. Again some will like the stats-based RPG-style novels while some don't. I just read 20 in a row before this novel so I was beginning to get sick of it but this novel doesn't bore you down with all the tiny details. And I think I prefer it that way. There is no stat sheet or anything, and it gives the world a more magical feel. Not everything can be quantized like our MC.

Also, someone complained about the Goddess and why she chose him. It's part of the story, and the author explains why as the plot progresses.

In the end, just give it a try. I really like it for its simplicity. The MC may be a bit dense but his heart is in the right place and that's all that matters in the end. Don't come expecting greatness or epic plotlines, no that will disappoint you. This is like that cool refreshing glass of water you drink at the end of a hot day. In my opinion, it still has some plus and minus, I mean kinda like an advantage and disadvantage.


  • It's well translated, the story flows well, and makes sense
  • The main character is likable, not overpowered, makes up for it in smarts
  • It's not cliched writing (for example a typical story like this would make the protagonist someone harshly bullied by the delinquents of the class, and later by stronger adventurers. Here it's a more realistic level)
  • It's quite humorous (I would say a little like Konosuba)
  • The story is a simple and smaller scale (countries/number of characters/plot threads) but in return, it focuses on the few main characters so they feel more real, the dialogue is natural. (I mean there are not many stories that give "Male Friend A" time to shine)
  • The world-building and descriptions are not rich, but sufficient that you always have a clear idea


  • The chapters are a bit short, but that's about it.
Nowadays I take what I can get and as long as the story is not cliche/edgy/s*upid/childish/wish-fulfillment with cardboard characters, I like it. This one is even above that.


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